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Topic: change mouse scrolling setting?

Hello, I have simple question - is it possible to set up "zoom function" on mouse scroll without the necessity of holding down CTRL key -> just to zoom in/out with regular scrolling? Maybe in some .ini file? Thanks in regard.


Re: change mouse scrolling setting?

Currently not. Do you really need to zoom that often?

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Re: change mouse scrolling setting?

Actually yes, I do. And next thing is that current function which is set up on regular mouse scrolling is kind of pointless - with up and down scrolling you can move/pan canvas up and down - but when you press down middle mouse button (scrolling button) you can pan across all four directions.


Re: change mouse scrolling setting?

ok nevermind, I "discovered" pages so now I can lay out my diagram into more little pieces/pages so I don't need to zoom that much now as I don't have one big diagram anymore.

But I have different question - is it possible to rename individual pages similarly to Excel's?


Re: change mouse scrolling setting?

The small tabs at the bottom stay numbers but the pages can have a name.
From the help:

Rearrange pages...
opens a dialog allowing the user to
  rename pages
  re-order pages
  delete pages
  select the current page

This dialog is also available by left-clicking the current page name shown in the status area.

You can also find in in menu Diagram, Rearrange pages..., right click on the tab page number or Crtl+R or start typing "r" which will open the Menu search.
Linking to another page always uses page numbers like \A1