Topic: Compare in subdirectories

Does Commander v1.38 recurse files in subdirectories in the Compare Directory function?

If not, would you consider adding the feature for future version?



Re: Compare in subdirectories

It doesn't, but if you enable View|Count directory sizes it will include the total size of the files in the sub directories which might be sufficient..

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Re: Compare in subdirectories

The reason I ask is that I find myself wanting to compare directories to identify files that are (1) in only one of the directories, or (2) are duplicated in them, and if so, are they the same or different?   With things like thumb drives and cloud drives it is easy to have multiple versions of a file in different locations.

Something really useful might be to select a file in one directory and search specified folders and subfolders in a different location for instances or variations of that file.

A further suggestion for the Synchronize tool:  Give the user the option of selecting whether files are deleted, or what determines whether a file is copied over another such as by date, size, etc.