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Topic: database caption

Thank you for your light weight program!

I can't change

hmmm it eats my post

so again,
I can't change database caption, when i double click it and write something, it still display "database" (this grey fish can)

Also many containers don't want to keep their vertical midpoints on grid, so arrows draw slant.


Re: database caption

It sounds you are changing the object name and not its text. You can press F2 to change the text (or right-click and Edit text).

It should be possible to place the midpoints on the grid, but both the vertical and horizontal points snap so perhaps the wrong one snapped for you?

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Re: database caption

Edit text works, thanks!

After few more chart drew, I see that size of some containers must be particular or else they hard to connect with straight arrows. Good example is "database" grey fish can. If you take it from bar, in default size and place on layer and then take 2 default size process and put them above and on the right of DB, then connect with arrows it won't work to be straight.