Topic: Morphing But Not Saving

I morphed two pictures, now I want to save it and nothing is working! Nothing to click on, all the links...file..edit..etc are light grey like their turned off!! What do I do next??? AAUUGGHH!!!!

I can't even figure out how to use this program. Since there was no notepad with instructions with my download, I can't figure out how to work this thing. I've been playing around with it but always get stuck at the point I am now. HELP!!!

(My whole objective was to morph two faces into one and save it as a new image.)


Re: Morphing But Not Saving

Did you read the tutorial in the help?

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Re: Morphing But Not Saving

Save as a video and choose format as JPEG, save to a file you can easilly access and you will have frames. You can determine how many frames in "animation setup" If you choose GIF, you will have created a working GIF animation. Fun isn't it!