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after several hours of trial and error I still haven't figured out how to concatenate a string of scanned jpg files taken over several years.  I know that's what the program is made for but the logistics have me stymed.

I"ve scanned old pictures taken of my mom throughout her life. of course they are not all taken at the same distance or exact pose; so all need to be "accomodated" into the same position and size.

I've tried to scan them at high pixel density so I have extra room to play with but of course they are all just a little bit different size.  They range from 251kb 901 x 672 size to 1216kb 1800 x 1818 - all having their frame about 60% filled with her head and upper torso.

1) I import image #1 [441kb - 1200 x 1554] and #2 [312kb - 1200 x 1544] and select accomodate allowing cropping and rotating; then "save as" under  "new" file names which results in two images #1new [240kb - 988 x 1119] and #2new [158kb - 988 x 1119].  I add morph points and render to AVI#1.
2) I then import image #2new (previously accomodated) and image #3 [835kb 2428 x 2772] and do the same "accomodating" with them - hoping that the size will carry over.  I "save as" only image #3 which turns out to be only [160kb - 954 x 1119].  Then I added morph points and rendered to AVI#2
3) I switch to the concatenating program and import AVI#1 and AVI#2 - only to find that it won't render because "they are a different size".

Unfortunately all of the images that I have so carefully scanned and cleaned are a little different in sizes.

What am I doing wrong???  I've tried to search this site for some specific/detailed instructions but don't find any.  It appears that I must carefully select the images to generate an exact size but how can I do that if I can't tell it to crop only the second image.  It's as if I must go back to some image editing software and "accomodate" them there BEFORE I "accomodate" them within SmartMorph!

Help, what do I need to do specifically - to make a morph spanning about 8 images?


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An easy solution would be to use the Resize feature in the Image menu to make all pictures the same size.
SmartMorph was never intended to be a full-featured image editor, so if you need to do more editing than the simple features it provides you will have to use another program.

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Re: Picture Sizes For Morph Concatenation

I'm sorry ... I thought that when there was an "accomodate" option that SmartMorph would do the appropritae image editing.

So, is there an "accomodating" image editor that you could recomend.  The issue is that, although I believe I have scanned enough margin to allow adequate accomodation, the heads are not all the same size and the eyes etc aren't in the same location in the frame.  I'm sure I'm not the first one to need this - perhaps you know of an editor that will make the task simple.

Is there a way of making the accomodate feature ONLY crop the second picture after it moves and rotates??  Would that make the 2nd, 3rd etc the identicle size?  or is that even the issue - perhaps its the avi file that is rendered that is a different size?


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I have nearly the same Problem. I want to morph all my picture from the house, we are just building. Although they are nearly same sized, I find no way to accomodate all of them first, then crop and then morph.

Does anybody know a good software, too accomodate a few pics?
Morphing is not neccesary at this moment.

Thanx a lot,


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You can use the Accomodate or Auto accomodate feature of SmartMorph, as long as you do not use Crop.

First you have to select a "center" image. Then load the other images one at a time, and align them to the "center" image using either accomodate feature. This will ensure that they all have the same dimensions. Just make sure that you don't change the center image.
As long as you do not use Crop, the accomodate features will only change one image.

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Re: Picture Sizes For Morph Concatenation

I figured this out before I discovered the forum. Here's what I do. I size all my pics before I load them into smartmorph. Any photo program can easilly accomplish this. I've tried most of them and I prefer Picture it Publishing. (it is very user friendly) 1500X1050 pxl fits Smartmorph nicely. To accomodate I use one with good framing and composition as a KEY frame. Simply overlay it on the next pic and make it 40% transparent. Then size and position the pic underneath. If this isn't clear then make a blank 3.5X 5 and lay both pics onto it. Now your proportions will be correct. After your subject size and position are good, simply remove the key frame and check the size, then save the pic to a file. Iv'e had good luck with this process and can make short animations with Smartmorph.