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I played with Animator Pro for a few days, WOW  What a neat program! I purchased the full version of Animator Pro and received my license the next day. PROBLEM!  I cannot load the license! I can't open the file as my computer doesn't recognize the file type. I tried to load from the trial version. (Program options, load your personal key) and get no message. If I open the downloaded license with Popims, I get a message "Unsupported file format CGI." The help page "cannot be found on this server". Oddly, The internet support page brought me here. How do I load my personal license? I'm using WinXP, svc pk 2.


Re: Popims Amimator Pro

Okay, I figured it out. It's just too simple! I clicked the attachment on my EMail and my download manager took over and saved it to file. I went back to the original EMail and clicked (as instructed) and BINGO  it registered. I am leaving this on the forum in case someone else runs into this situation. QUESTION  If I need to reinstall this program, Can I load my license key from the saved file?
                                           Thanks again Michael, You're doing a
                                                                 wonderful job!  Cliff