Topic: Draw Connector Behaviour

First of all, this is a great program - thanks!   big_smile

I'm using it to create some flowcharts, and have a couple of suggestions for the 'draw connectors'.  It would be nice to be able to rotate a three-segment connector by 90 degrees, so that it has two horizontal lines and one vertical.  Also, on the first right-click, the existing three segments reduce to two; I can see that this might be desirable behaviour in some cases, but for me it is often slightly annoying, as the connector will sometimes then be crossing existing objects.  Extending this idea, would it be possible to support multi-segment connectors that "intelligently" route themselves around existing objects?  I realise this is a big request!  While right-clicking can achieve this to some extent, it can be frustrating that the points thus created are static, if you need to rearrange the content.