Topic: Mpeg2lib Sound In Delphi?


AFAIK the mpeg2lib.dll supports audio streams, but the current delphi interface for the DLL does not support audio?

If that is correct, what is the problem of adding sound functionality to the delphi interface? What must be done to add this functions?

Perhaps, if it is not too heavy, I would add this functions, because in my application I need to extract the audio.
Or do you know another free delphi component that can handle both, video and audio?

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Re: Mpeg2lib Sound In Delphi?

It is hard to say how much work it requires. As far as I know the audio stream for can be coded in several different ways depending on the format you have. You may have to find some open-source audio decoder that can be included in the library.
Actually I found an audio decoder once that should work, but I didn't go on with it because I had no use for it... Unfortunately I don't even remeber the name of it.

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